A Leesburg resident from childhood, Donna Tweedle's acclaim as an artist in oils, watercolor and pastels has spread throughout Florida, the Southeast and beyond.  She has developed an eye for and technique with brilliant pastel colors that bring her subjects to glowing life.  At the age of five, Donna sensed her destiny in art when she was the only one in her kindergarten class who colored a duck bright yellow when all the others saw it as plain white. From that early age, her creative nature couldn't be confined to coloring within the lines. After graduating from high school, she attended Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, here she majored in Fine Arts.  Meeting and marrying the love of her life didn't divert her desire to continue exploiting her gifts in art.  In fact her husband, Bill, has been an important supporter, encourager and critic of her works.
     Donna's medium and style has evolved over the years from oils to watercolor, to her love of the splendor of pastels.  Her artistic techniques mark her as a plein air artist with impressionistic feeling.  Her series of Bahama Island paintings may be seen at Alada's Gifts in downtown Leesburg, Florida and The Framemakers Gallery in the Southside Shopping Center on South 14th Street, Leesburg, Florida.
     The many years of discipline in her artistic pursuits have yielded large dividends in recognition of Donna's talent.  She has received awards at the prestigious Disney Festival of The Masters and the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, as well as other local, regional and national showings.  Her support of local art is evidenced by her involvement in the Leesburg Center for the Arts, having served as president of the Leesburg Art Association and being one of the founders of the Leesburg Outdoor Art Festival and cofounder of the Pastel Society of Central Florida.
     Donna possesses the same desire for artistic expression today, as when she was a little girl and saw with color and vision what her peers did not. Leesburg and Central Florida can be proud of one of its own who has accomplished much in, and contributed much to fine art in our area.